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Seven Things I Love (3-29-2021)

  1. 1. This Incredible Photo of Astronaut Bruce McCandless II – Honestly, when I first saw this I thought it must be photoshopped by the person who posted it sent me to this link on the NASA website.

The photo was taken on February 12, 1984. Are you surprised, I was! I actually thought it would have been more recent. According to the website, it was the first ever untethered space walk. “Astronaut Bruce McCandless, ventured further away from the confines and safety of his ship than any previous astronaut had ever been. This space first was made possible by a nitrogen jet propelled backpack, previously known at NASA as the Manned Manuevering Unit or MMU.”

The photo below, which I discovered on social media, is a little more photographic/dramatic than the one found on NASA. I’m not sure if that is because there was more than one camera taking photos and this took them at a higher resolution or if someone has tweaked the “original” version, either way, the photo is amazing.

Here’s a few more photos…

2. This Door that Converts into a Ping Pong Table – Genius, no? There’s only one eensy weensy problem. It costs nearly $15,000!!!

3. This AWESOME Tweet that Includes a Video of the Celebration that Ensued After the Ship Stuck in the Suez Canal Finally Started Moving – EPIC! It brings tears to my eyes.

4. THIS Seven-year-old Boy Who Dressed Up as Amanda Gorman for “Dress as Your Idol Day” – well done!

Poet AMANDA GORMAN at the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden on January 20, 2021

5. This SNL Video from this Past Weekend – People who actually think of themselves as the “greatest generation” are NOT the greatest generation. Just sayin’.

Man, Boomers suck! Please God, don’t let us turn into them! Too late, it’s already happening…

6. This Gorgeous Apartment in Covent Garden that you Can RENT – it’s about $900 per night but if you shared it with two other people it would be completely worth it!


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Seven Things I Love (9-28-2020)

Sorry guys, lots of videos this week but I had no choice, they are all just TOO good.

1. This Kindergarten Teacher, Mackenzie Adams (and a NY Times article that includes Adams and some other extraordinary educators is here.) The video shows that to teach virtually a teacher has to put in about 300% more energy to get students engaged. No doubt it must be exhausting but these dedicated individuals are up to the task and they’re doing it with smiles on their faces because you know what? Teachers aren’t in it for the money.

2. This (the) Cottage Fairy – I just discovered artist Paola Merrill and now I’m obsessed. She lives a “simple living” lifestyle in rural Washington state and as an artist loves to make things more visually beautiful. She releases new videos on Wednesdays so now I’ll have to wait because I binge-watched everything she had posted. It looks like her Facebook page has been around for a while and you can see some of her delightful art there. She also has an Etsy shop but since she got on YouTube her popularity is really taking off, so it’s empty at the moment. Who doesn’t need a little mindfulness and beauty right now?

3. This Dad, Craig Conrad – he created a series of videos for young women/girls who, when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They can pull one of the videos up on their smartphone and it will appear as though they have called their dad. Then they can have a conversation with the video and whoever is around will believe that they have someone who knows where they are and that they are expected home shortly. Very cool.


4. This Japanese photographer… definitely worth following on Instagram.


5. This (fake) trailer for the (fake) film ‘Harding’ from ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ – it was aired a while ago but I was reminded of it because there is a little bit of a kerfuffle with the Harding ancestors over and, well, you can read about that here but it just fits so well with trailer. Perhaps someone does need to make a movie called ‘Harding.’

6. RANDY RAINBOW – He’s a national treasure.

7. This Comedian Magician, Lucy Darling – my brother introduced me to Ms. Darling and I’m so glad he did. She’s, well, darling. Her shows are very cocktail-centric, which is something I appreciate. I was able to catch a virtual show last Friday and it was fabulous. I’m sure it has to be difficult to put together a show that will work online.

Bonus – This Mask PSA by “Certified Young Person” Paul Rudd – OMG, who doesn’t LOVE Paul Rudd?????

This ad for Hugh Jackman’s coffee company, Laughing Man, narrated by his “archenemy” and best bud, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds could read the phone book and make it funny.

This ad for UberEats starring Sir Patrick and Mark Hamill. PINCH ME!!!

Have a great week!

Five Things I Love (1/27/2020)

1. I love making this recipe

In England this is called Toad in a Hole though I haven’t exactly been able to figure out the origin of the name. The “in-the-hole” part seems easy/obvious enough to explain. The toad part is what is eluding me. What I have found out so far is that back in days when meat was scarce and expensive, household cooks would stretch out their beef, kidney, pork or other animal-derived victuals by cooking them into a pudding (that is how Yorkshire pudding came to be) or other dish made from less expensive ingredients. Often times this was done my hollowing out the center, most often a loaf of bread, and filling that with the more expensive ingredients.

Nowadays people will generally use a slice of bread, so this Toad-in-the-Bagel-Hole is a slight variation on what you will usually find in the UK. The only explanation I saw regarding the ‘toad’ part is that in the traditional toad-in-a-hole, the egg can sometimes look like the head of a toad popping out of a hole in the ground. Yeah, I don’t buy that one at all!

2. This method of storing sweaters is BRILLIANT! – How to Hang Sweaters So They Don’t Take Up Your Entire Closet.

And here’s another method that is equally clever (I am using both because each one works a little better for different types of sweaters)….

3. This video on why Daylight Saving is a bunch of hooey!

4. PICARD! I was gleeful when I first read that Patrick Stewart was returning as Jean-Luc Picard. I was a huge Star Trek: the Next Generation fan but I was a fan of his even before the show (that voice, he stands out in every roll he plays and since I am a fan of historical films, well, I got to see him in a few – I, Claudius, Excalibur, and one of my favorites, Lady Jane.)

I was NOT disappointed, first episode of Picard gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately in the US you have to subscribe to CBS Access if you want to see it without waiting for it to show up on Amazon Prime (it’s showing on Amazon Prime everywhere else in the world so I assume that after the first season they will move it over to Prime.) I have been resisting getting CBS Access out of principle but man, I cannot resist Patrick Stewart.

5. Last, but definitely not least, THIS ARTICLE about a man who, after being sentenced to 17 years in prison for having shot a former marine, is nearing completion of a Master’s Degree program. The man, Brandon Brown, has been participating in the University of Maine at Augusta prison college program. He received approval to do his thesis on research about his fellow inmates because he has come to realize that education and restorative justice are things he is extremely interested in and is passionate about. It’s a wonderfully hopeful article and I think it is evidence that education could and would help reduce the incarceration numbers in our country.

Brandon Brown is on track to be the first Maine State Prison inmate to earn a master’s degree while serving time. (Portland Phoenix/Jordan Bailey)

Thanks to my sister-in-law for originally posting this article! xoxoxo