Well, as you may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve been on a brief hiatus from posting the ‘Five Things I Love’ because of course I’ve been traveling in India! I still have more India posts to make (along with general Menopausal Broad posts) but I wanted to get back to sharing some of my favorite things…

1. How many of your watch ‘Drunk History’? I LOVE history (if you haven’t figured that out already.) I love how so much of it fits together and overlaps. I also find it interesting how a lot of history repeats itself – which is frustrating and infuriating and alarming.

Anyway, if you don’t know about ‘Drunk History’ it’s an incredibly painless and funny way to learn about our past. The guy who came up with the idea, Derek Waters, gets people liquored up and then has them tell you about a brief chapter in history. While this is going on people act out what the drunk person is talking about. Obviously hilarity ensues – especially when the actors are, for example, giving some speech or making some important statement (which is made in the drunk person’s voice) and all of a sudden there is a belch or the words are slurred.

2. Did you watch the Superbowl just for the commercials (like I did because the Packers weren’t playing?) Here’s the story behind that commercial thanking the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine, Oncology Unit.

3. We’ve all read bad yelp reviews. Sometimes they can be helpful. Sometimes they can be funny and/or ignorant. And sometimes they can be mean, bordering on cruel. Amber Share, an artist from Raleigh, North Carolina read some bad reviews of our magnificent National Parks and decided to use her artistic talent to prove just how ridiculous (and petty) some reviewers really are….
(Found on the Southern Living website.)

4. This article about Gen X – is brilliant. Basically it’s: We’re Gen X, we know who we are, we know what we like, and we have no intention of changing for anyone.

There is a little bit of a disagreement as to exactly when GenX begins and ends but generally it’s around 1964/1965 to 1979/1980. Obviously people born in 1964 and 1979 feel very strongly that it goes from 1964 to 1980.

The fact is, people born in those years would definitely NOT fit into the Boomer generation or into GenY. In fact, people born in 1963, 1962, 1961, and probably 1960 and then four years on the other end (1981-1984?) probably identify more with GenX.

5. Thymes MilleFleur Reed Diffuser – reed diffusers are a complicated thing. You can buy inexpensive ones at places like Pier One (well, not so much anymore) or Target or Anthropologie but sometimes you don’t get to test them out and even if you do, they don’t last very long. Or you can spend a wad on a more expensive diffuser but you run the risk of investing in something that may again, not last long. Or you may find that the scent isn’t as nice as it was in the store (because of course there you’re surrounded by many other scents.)

I have been addicted to Thymes Frasier Fir products for ages, ever since my aunt introduced me to the candles. It’s the best holiday scent around, still after all these years. But I wanted to find something for the rest of the year. On a fluke I ordered the Millefleur and boy, did I luck out. Not only has it lasted months, but every single person who has come into my house has commented about how good my house smells. (I have it near the front door.)

It’s not overpowering but strong enough too that I get a whiff every once in a while when I walk past the foyer. I highly recommend it if you like floral scents…