Five Things I Love (12/30/19)

I missed last week because of the holiday and this will be my last Five Things I love of 2019! This cartoon… 2. All things Baby Yoda… Have you watched ‘The Mandalorian‘ yet? 3. This Auntie Mame doll… (all of his dolls are incredible, he’s extremely talented!) 4. This ‘In Memoriam’ video from Turner ClassicContinue reading “Five Things I Love (12/30/19)”


Before Christmas I binge watched a few things. I don’t actually like to binge watch shows. For decades when I heard the word “binge” I would, as I’m sure most people did before the 2010s, associate it with food and something that was shameful. Those who were “binge eaters” would do at night, in private,Continue reading “Binging”