1. This illustrator from Germany – Mila Marquis. I stumbled upon her work on an advent calendar that I procured for myself (despite my age) because it made me happy.

2. Chef José Andrés making an after Thanksgiving meal with Stephen Colbert (priceless.)

3. This photo my uncle took this morning in Door County, Wisconsin. It’s truly a winter wonderland! (And it’s a lot prettier there than it is where I live.)

4. This Awkward Yeti cartoon (I love all Awkward Yeti cartoons but this one is perfect for the season.)

Hibernation Time for Fat

5. Last but not least, another Stephen Colbert clip. This is actually a follow up to something that he covered previously. If you haven’t heard about this, a ‘person’ (I’m being kind) has been hiding books in the public library in Coeur D’Alene that he doesn’t agree with – LIBERAL books: books that will turn people gay or socialist or caring or compassionate or… Anyway, one of the books that was hidden was Stephen’s very own ‘Whose Boat is This Boat?” so Stephen came up with a solution…