Five Things I Love (12/16/19)

1. This article on McSweeney’s* about Sensible Hairstyles for Women Over 50 (by Laura Winther Galaviz). I like the first one best, (a) because I am pretty sure I could pull it off, (b) I can actually crochet and (c) it’s just too spot on. – Procure a fine purple yarn and crochet yourself aContinue reading “Five Things I Love (12/16/19)”

Five Things I Love (12/9/19)

1. A friend of mine posted this on social media and I think it was one of the most clever things I’ve seen for the holidays in a long time! I know it’s the 9th so you’ll have to catch up if you start today! 2. OMG OGEE! Okay, normally I don’t go crazy overContinue reading “Five Things I Love (12/9/19)”

Five Things I Love (12/2/19)

1. This illustrator from Germany – Mila Marquis. I stumbled upon her work on an advent calendar that I procured for myself (despite my age) because it made me happy. 2. Chef José Andrés making an after Thanksgiving meal with Stephen Colbert (priceless.) 3. This photo my uncle took this morning in Door County, Wisconsin.Continue reading “Five Things I Love (12/2/19)”

Five Things I Love (11/25/19)

Love may not actually be a strong enough word for some of these, but I didn’t want to oversell anything. Thought I’d share with all of you, on a weekly basis (plan to do this on Mondays), five things I came across, used, saw, thought about, well, you get the gist, during the previous week.Continue reading “Five Things I Love (11/25/19)”

Your Girls are Perfect the Way they are

A few weeks ago I read several articles about how the FDA has proposed new warnings for breast implants including a “black box” warning on the packaging, which is considered their most serious warning. Washington Post – FDA calls for new warnings for breast implants: After being criticized for years for not taking more aggressiveContinue reading “Your Girls are Perfect the Way they are”

The Fat Lady Ain’t Singing

A few weeks ago I was at a meeting. When it finished we were given a tour of the library where the meeting was held. It was a lovely library and a very interesting tour. (Side note: As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a librarian and I’m notorious for taking busman’s holidays, or at the veryContinue reading “The Fat Lady Ain’t Singing”

Fat Shaming is not dead

It’s been quite some time since I’ve experienced such blatant fat shaming. Today I had a coffee with a friend. We had a lovely visit. I’ve been feeling relatively optimistic lately. This feeling is not very familiar. It’s really nice. I was heading home, driving north on Port Washington Road. I came to where theContinue reading “Fat Shaming is not dead”

Mixed Feelings – Part I

Whenever I read or hear about how body or size acceptance has made so much progress, how society as a whole has finally started to recognize, okay, has sort of started to recognize? maybe is seemingly recognizing? that fat shaming* is not acceptable, I’m always torn. You’re probably thinking, what in the hell is thereContinue reading “Mixed Feelings – Part I”