Seven Things I Love (10-5-2020)

I started to put together my post for the week and there ended up being way too many things, and curiously a huge number of them were food-related. So I’ve decided to post two blogs this week. Don’t worry, I don’t expect this to become a regular thing. (And I also forgot to actually POST them. ARGH! It’s an insane time right now.)

1. These “Iconic Pop Culture Homes Reimagined as Polly Pockets” – you can see more at this link including The Simpsons, The Lord of the Rings, The Shining and Friends. The details are fabulous!

The Royal Tenenbaums – Polly Pockets
Stranger Things – Polly Pockets

2. This Instagram account, Accidentally Wes Anderson – which was brought to my attention by my friend Ann and was recently written about in the NY Times. There’s a gorgeous new book being released this month. It includes some of the account’s best photos (I’m definitely going to ask for it for Christmas). Publication date is October 20th. For someone who has mild OCD, is a travel junkie, loves nostalgia and beautiful things there is nothing better than Wes Anderson.

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Hey Adventurers 👋 Here‘s a sneak peek from our new book 🥰📚 (link in Bio 🎉) Today we land in lovely Lisbon 🇵🇹 for (a snippet of) the story behind one of the most picturesque and unique modes of codependent public conveyance 🚋 • This stunning shot was snapped by the always impressive @JackSpicerAdams 👏 In addition to his feature in our beautiful Book 📖 he also happens to be a phenomenal food photographer with a fantastic feed to match ❤️ – – – Ascensor da Bica 🚋 Lisbon Portugal 🇵🇹 c. 1892 • “The charming Ascensor da Bica is one of Lisbon’s three funicular railway cars. A funicular railway car differs from a standard tram through its reliance on its twin. Two passenger vehicles are pulled on a slope by a single cable looped around a pulley wheel at the top. The pair move in perfect synchronicity: one vehicle ascends as its descending partner counterbalances it • This unique mode of codependent public conveyance, which bears similarities to a kind of outdoor elevator, was initially powered by a water system — a car at the top of the hill was loaded up with water until it was heavy enough for gravity to assist in its descent, thus pulling its counterbalanced twin up to the top of the hill. In 1896 the system became steam-powered, and in 1924 it was electrified • Ascensor (or Elevador) da Bica climbs 800 feet up one of the city’s steepest hills. A delightful, leisurely ride and a hop off at the top leads you to Miradouro de Santa Luzia, a terrace from which to marvel at the distinct rooftops of Europe’s western- most capital city” • PS: Enter our Giveaway (link in bio 🎉) to read the Full Story & get some other beautiful goodies 🥰 • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Symmetrical #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #Pursuewhatislovely #igerslisboa #Lisboa #Portugal🇵🇹

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3. This Kayaker, Lori Nickel – I love the way she writes, it makes me feel like I was there with her. And, since right now I’m doing a lot of armchair traveling and sports and theatre and, well, everything, this sort of article is most appreciated. I also love her attitude and the final little snippet of wisdom at the end, “And be grateful, because any race and any fun outside with friends and family – any sense of community in 2020, while we all deal with this Covid19 pandemic – is a gift. Especially when you can walk away from it.”

Unfortunately, Lori Nickel’s kayak took on water throughout the race and sank. Photo by Lori Nickel

4. This Woman doing a voiceover of a cooking show – she is the female Morgan Freeman for christ’s sakes. (Thanks Stasie.)

5. This movie on Netflix, Enola Holmes, which became the number one ranked movie on the streaming network in its first week. It is perfection – it’s funny, intelligent, diverting, cinemagraphic, action-packed, and has a soupcon of romance (which is all I need nowadays.) Plus the costumes are fabulous! And as a HUGE added bonus, Henry Cavill as Sherlock (rawrrr.)

6. This stylebook – the AP Stylebook has always been my favorite and now this cinches it. They took the time to identify the usage of the terms “riot” vs “unrest” and the potential motivations beneath unrest caused by protests vs riots caused by mobs. Incredible really. More history. When apolitical institutions that are decades old start making political stands, there is something wrong.

7. This colorPantone has declared a new color called Period to help remove the stigma with menstruation. (seen on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

I’ve decided to include a new feature in my weekly post. One of the things that I LOVE is language so each week I’m going to include a fun new word, not necessarily English, that I’ve stumbled across.

Word of the Week

It’s a little on the nose but schadenfreude has always been one of my top ten favorite words. I also wanted to include the interesting fact that Merriam-Webster saw an increase of 30,500% in searches for the word on October 2nd. Language is extraordinary.

Have a FABULOUS week!
Be safe, wear a mask,
stay home if you can.

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