Seven Things that I Love (8-10-2020)

1. This videoclip from a 1996 episode of Sesame Street with Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise) where he helps the Count get ‘Number One’ back in his(?) proper place. Those who know me know that I’ve been a HUGE fan of Sir Patrick for decades (that voice), and I’m a fan of the Count as well, so this is a two-fer. (Found on Laughing

2. This story about George Washington, who called for a temporary cease fire so he could return the dog to his enemy’s commanding officer. Although there currently is a bit of controversy surrounding our Founding Fathers due to their ownership of slaves, we will never be able to deny what they accomplished and contributed to the creation of our democracy (despite its current state.) And George Washington, for good or bad, will always be our first president and he seems to have had some good qualities despite not being able to recognize that slavery is abhorrent.

One memorable story that stands out to dog lovers alike, is when George Washington showed his loyalty by returning a terrier to it’s rightful owner–even when the owner was the enemy. After the Battle of Germantown, Washington found a small terrier running around the battlefield between British and American lines. It turns out that General Howe’s dog had gotten loose, as it was identified by it’s collar. Washington’s soldiers suggested that the dog be kept as a trophy of the British to weaken the morale of the British General Howe.

Instead, Washington took the pup back to his tent where he fed him, brushed him and cleaned him. He then wrote a letter and attached it to the dog’s collar. To everyones surprise, he ordered a cease fire and had his aide return the terrier under a flag of truce.

From “George Washington Loved Dogs So Much, He Wrote To A British General About A Dog Mid-Battle” on

3. Library Porn

4. The Playlist from the series POSE – 80s bliss! (And the show is damned good too.)

5. Mapleworth Murders on Quibi – it’s like a hilarious, gay Murder, She Wrote. Dammit Quibi, why do you have to have to be so addictive???? (and for those of you not familiar with Quibi yet, it’s only available as an app for your phone/tablet and the shows/series episodes are all around 7 to 10 minutes long. I know that sounds strange but it totally works!)

6. Jessie Gallan – Ms. Gallan passed away in 2015 after being declared not only Scotland’s but the entire UK’s oldest woman at 109 years of age. She said the secret to her longevity was avoiding men and eating porridge every day. I read this article several years ago but came across it again and have decided it’s time to take up a new life plan.

7. The Flying Train, Germany, 1902 – Denis Shiryaev is a master craftsperson the way he takes old black and white films and repairs them, colorizes them, and adds sound to make them look and feel so much more approachable. He’s done this to several videos but has difficulty actually finding clips that he can works with that are interesting and copyright free. He worked really hard on one video and apparently the organization that stored it told him he could put it online. Truly awful, considering how much work it takes to do just one short video. Anyway, enjoy this. It’s amazing.

Have a GREAT Week!

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  1. Cindy Figgatt

    7 reactions to 7 things: 1. I love Picard’s voice( and the count). Reminds me a bit of Sean Connery. 2. If you’re a George fan I highly recommend Ron Chernow’s book Washington. 3. I hope to go to Budapest one day and their Library is now on my bucket list. 4. Never heard of Pose. I’ll have to check it out. 5. I’m just starting a book from the Highland Bookshop series by Molly MacRae. I think it will be a charming mystery. 6. My Mom just turned 94. I think I’ll suggest porridge for the breakfast of champions. 7. The flying train video is fascinating. So interesting to see pre World Wars Germany. Love your posts- look forward to them each week! Cindy
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    • jenniestoltz

      I’m SOOOOOO sorry Cindy, somehow I missed this!!!
      1. Patrick Stewart’s voice, are you following him on Facebook? He’s reading ALL of the sonnets, one every day. It’s AMAZING.
      2. I will add Chernow’s book on Washington to my list, thanks!
      3. I went to Budapest but sadly never made it to the library there. But if you get that far you need to also go to Prague and then go to the Strahov Monastery Library. Whoa.
      4. Pose is the show that made Billy Porter famous, along with his amazing style, talent and personality. It’s about the
      trans ball culture in the late 80s. Deals with the AIDS epidemic and homophobia and a lot of horrible things all the while showing the glamour and beauty of the balls.
      5. I am recommending this Highland Bookshop series to a friend of mine – she is going to FLIP! I wonder if she already knows about it. If not, well, it’ll be super awesome.
      6. Your mum has 15 years to go. She can do it!
      7. I love seeing this guy’s old restored videos. I love looking at old videos to begin with but the way he restores them and makes them so much more approachable, so it’s easier to imagine yourself actually being there, it’s just so amazing.
      I’m glad you are enjoying my posts!
      I am looking forward to when the election is over so I can go back to them being just fun and interesting and beautiful things all the time. Hopefully. Sigh.

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